Diversity & Inclusion Playbook

The Diversity & Inclusion Playbook supports the Diversity Institute’s Diversity Assessment Tool (DAT) to provide organizations with actionable resources to build more inclusive workplaces and better serve an increasingly diverse and competitive global market.

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The Diversity Assessment Tool (DAT) examines six drivers of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In this playbook, easy-to-use checklists compile key questions with relevant resources behind each of these drivers.


To be successful, diversity and inclusion strategies require buy-in from all members of senior management.


Human resources initiatives that address barriers facing diverse individuals are essential at each stage of the employee lifecycle.


Diversity and inclusion is baked into organizational culture through both external policies and internal values and narratives.


Analyze progress and improve accountability by measuring the impacts of diversity and inclusion efforts at every step.


Find better ways to serve stakeholders and customer by evaluating all organizational activities, from procurement to customer service, through a diversity and inclusion lens.


Unlock greater access to a competitive labour market and build a diverse talent pipeline through inclusive outreach projects.

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Wendy Cukier, the Diversity Institute conducts and coordinates multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder research to address the needs of diverse Canadians, the changing nature of skills and competencies, and the policies, processes and tools that advance economic inclusion and success. Our action-oriented, evidence-based approach is advancing knowledge of the complex barriers faced by underrepresented groups, leading practices to effect change, and producing concrete results.